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Du möchtest in 2 Monaten die komplette

Technik für Dein Business fertig haben?

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3. August 2021

Dein Invest:
2.997,00 € zzgl. MwSt.

Es wird nur 8 Plätze geben.

Bewirb Dich jetzt im Vorgespräch um die Teilnahme und finde heraus, ob Du für das Instant Company Programm geeignet bist.

  • How does the program work?
    I'll walk you through everything for 2 months. There is a group in which we will support each other. Every 2 weeks there is a group call via zoom. We'll discuss the next steps and you can bring all your questions with you. I work with you to develop the structure and content of your website and then implement the website and all other technical content (e-mail system, newsletter, social media channel). In the group, I will show you in detail how you can change things on your website yourself, how to design pretty social media posts in your colors and what you can pay attention to on the individual platforms.
  • What do I get exactly?
    By June 5th (at the latest) you will have the following items complete: - Your own website in your design with a maximum of 6 sub-pages including imprint and data protection - built with the WIX website system. - A mobile optimized version of your website for all devices. - Optimizing your website for Google. - An integrated calendar so that your customers can book appointments. - Your own domain (cost: approx. 8 euros per year - to be borne by you). - Your newsletter system incl. Freebee. - A built social media channel in your brand design with templates for postings and the tricks that are important to know for this channel (depending on your target group we will use LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram)
  • When do I pay for the program?
    As soon as we both say in the preliminary talk that it fits. You will receive a welcome email with all the details.
  • What are the additional costs?
    - Cost of hosting the website and costs of the provider - about 15 euros per month. - Cost of the domain - about 10 euros per year.

Sichere Dir schon jetzt kostenlos die 7 Tools, die Du wirklich für Dein Business brauchst.

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